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Ioannis  Pengas


The inception of SWSO has been brought about out of the desire to offer potential solutions to active individuals that either wish to avoid or postpone surgery (especially metal and plastic-joint replacement/arthroplasty). Together we hope to be able to identify options that will allow you to enjoy your own joint biology instead.

At SWSO we started putting together a portfolio of biological and allied treatments available in the UK provided by local experts in their field.

Our aim, where possible, is to aid in managing your symptoms and delay where indicated unnecessary or premature surgery and avoid or delay the metal and plastic implants. 

We will however be honest and upfront if the available non-operative options are either contraindicated or will be unlikely to work in your specific situation. In these circumstances we would discuss operative options with you whilst always aim to preserve your native joint for as long as feasible where possible.

We very much hope to be able to suggest solutions in order to prolong your native biologic joint wherever possible and we do ask of you to sign-up in advanced to our prospective collection of data on SOS (Surgical outcomes system). In doing so we hope that you too will subscribe to our scientific way of thinking and help us and others form making informed decisions based on evidence down the line, promote successful options whilst discouraging those that have proven not as effective.

Welcome to SWSO, Welcome to a new Biological way of thinking.

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