An initial consultation consisting of a focused history and examination to form a precise plan of treatment, therapies, timescales and goals for recovery ...
1 hr
PRP technologies make use of the growth-factors found naturally in the blood; highly concentrated and with focused delivery, these can promote healing in musculoskeletal ...
1 hr
Intra-articular injection of this naturally-occurring substance into the painful joint to improve the shock absorbing and lubrication, for mild to moderate osteoarthritis...
1 hr
Corticosteroids provide profound anti-inflammatory properties around injured tendons, ligaments, bursae and joints with significant pain relief, in order to prevent ongoi...
1 hr
The nSTRIDE APS Kit is a cell-concentration system designed to concentrate anti-inflammatory cytokines and anabolic growth factors to significantly decrease pain and prom...
nStride APS
1 hr
Increasing evidence supports extracorporeal shockwave treatment (ESWT) as safe and effective for treating several musculoskeletal disorders, including calcifying tendinop...
Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy
1 hr
We offer a wide variety of imaging options including plain X-ray, MRI, CT and ultrasound for numerous musculoskeletal injuries, and the expertise to discuss their clinica...
30 min
Prices vary
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Knee Injections

If an operation is recommended then you will be given a procedure code for the operation to give to your insurance company in order to seek confirmation of approval. You may need a brief general health assessment by the outpatient nurses in order to confirm fitness for surgery.

Procedure for booking an operation
Sometimes a date for surgery will be agreed with Mr Pengas at the time of the clinic appointment or by his Secretary.

After an operation
On discharge from hospital you will be given an appointment for removal of sutures and detail on arranging the first post operative physiotherapy/rehabilitation appointment. You will usually be sent a copy of the operation report to show your physiotherapist as it is important that as much information as possible is passed on. You should clarify the amount of time required off work with

Mr Pengas before undergoing the operation so that you can make appropriate arrangements.

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The Role of Biologics in Managing Knee Pain
Lower Limb (Knee / Foot & ankle & Hip) Therapy
Post Operation Heating/ Cooling Therapy Device
BOSTAA (Bristish Orthopaedic Sports Trauma & Arthroscopy Association)